Welcome to WearForum.net

Wear Forum is a collaboration network between Tampere Wear Center (TWC), universities, research institutes, and industry. It offers several benefits to the member companies:

  • connects material specialists with wear experts
  • offers both a national and an international collaboration network
  • co-operation link between companies and TWC
  • annual international wear seminar
  • general assembly at least twice a year
  • thematic meetings and training for the member companies
  • coordinator works as a liaison with the companies and makes company visits
  • easy way to offer preliminary or R&D studies for candidate thesis works
  • the member companies can influence the focus areas of the basic and applied wear research
  • wearforum.net, which contains a constantly updated wear database including, e.g., wear seminar material, articles, and theses

More information: Kati Valtonen

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